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Architectural Control

The Architectural Control Committee must approve any construction or changes you make to your property, including fencing, structural modifications, or color changes. For more information, please refer to the BHA CC&Rs Clause VI Restrictions on Buildings. 

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RVs and Travel Trailers -

"We're just using it on the weekends"

On undeveloped land or land with a home in Lake County jurisdiction (the unincorporated areas), you cannot live in an RV, Travel Trailer, Motorhome or tent. There are few exceptions to this rule that require approval from the county. 

BHA CC&Rs Clause VI Restrictions on Buildings

(d) No structure of a temporary character shall be placed on any lot without the express approval of the Architectural Control Committee such structures shall include but not be limited to mobile homes, out-buildings, garages, barns and sheds. In no case, shall any temporary structure be used as a residence. The Architectural Control Committee may grant permission for temporary structures to be used for storage of materials during construction. Recreational Vehicles, Campers and Boats may not be used as a residence. 

Parking -

Boats/Trailers/RVs may not be parked/stored on undeveloped lots or alongside public and private streets.

BHA CC&Rs Clause VI Restrictions on Buildings

(h) Unless otherwise provided by the Board of Directors of Buckingham Homes Association, Ltd., no motor vehicles, trucks, or boats shall be parked or stored on any portion of Buckingham Park, other than within the lot’s driveway or garage or Common Area parking space.  Automobiles, SUVs, and trucks less than one ton may be parked in front of residential lots alongside public and private streets for periods up to 72 hours.

Lake Code Enforcement

Lake County's Code Enforcement Program is operated by the Community Development Department. Visit their website for more information about ordinances and how to file a complaint.

Lake County Code Enforcement Corner

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