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Our next free chipping day will be in May 2024, date TBD. 


Chipping Day Guidelines


Chipping Pile DOs

  • Important: Oleander is toxic. Keep oleander limbs separate from other materials.

  • Stack material next to the road so the chipping crew can easily reach the pile.

  • Tree trunks and limbs must be smaller than 6 inches in diameter.

  • Stack all chipping material neatly and evenly with ends facing the road.

  • Keep your piles under 5 feet high.

  • Keep your pile less than 12 feet long.


Chipping Pile DON'Ts

  • Do not stack brush over existing vegetation or the roadway.

  • No roots – dirt and rocks in the roots damage machinery.

  • No mud or dirt. Do not drag your branches through mud or dirt.

  • Do not cross-stack piles.

  • No bulldozed or machine-stacked piles.

  • No rocks, berry vines, tree stumps, or construction material.

  • No poison oak or Scotch broom in the pile.

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